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Further Enquiries into the Absolute


After I wrote the article entitled “The Absolute”, I kept enquiring further into the Absolute. I kept asking Lord Krishna, “Tell me Bhagwaan, how do You express, while still remaining unexpressed Yourself? How do You create, while remaining uncreated Yourself?”

In response to my query there soon immerged an immense love for Lord Shiva within me. Such great love ! Confused, I asked Lord Krishna again, “My Lord, I thought it was not possible for me to love anyone like I love You. Then how come such immense love for Lord Shiva? How come I cannot distinguish between You and Him anymore? Tell me what is this mystery. This ignorance is killing me!”

Meanwhile Lord Shiva kept showering His love upon me generating such blissful feelings within me that I was used to only experience coming from Krishna. Covered with impurity and ignorance, I only got more confused. Every time I would transcend to Shiva and Krishna, I would begin to cry and beg Them to explain to me what they were trying to teach me.

Then one day, Shiva and Krishna united into One- half the body (right side) was of Shiva and the other half (left side) was of Krishna. I gazed in disbelief. He said lovingly to me, “Look here Radha, I am One. Shiva is the other half of Krishna and Krishna is the other half of Shiva. Shakti is the aspect that, flowing from Krishna, allows the experience of Shiva. Go back and read what you wrote in your article on the Absolute!”

After reading my own article again, I could not believe that I had written it down one fine day and actually got even more confused. So I went back complaining to Krishna, “That article does not tell me how You create while remaining Uncreated Yourself and also that does not explain this sudden outburst of love for Lord Shiva within me. Explain to me Bhagwaan how loving Krishna is automatically loving Shiva and worshipping Shiva is automatically worshipping Krishna. Your beautiful united Shiva-Krishna form is so charming. Unravel the mystery of this most charming form!”

Krishna has the most interesting ways of answering my questions. His answers to my questions at first actually confuse me even more before everything begins to fall into its place. He pointed me to Guru Dev, Maharishi Mahesh Yogi’s writings on the Vedas and the text books of Vedic Literature. He told me that in the structure in which the Vedas and Vedic texts appear in the manifest world lies the answer to the mystery of how everything works in the unmanifest world because the unmanifest world supports the causal forms of the manifest texts of the Veda and Vedic Literature.

What did this mean? It appeared that He was saying that the order in which the four Vedas and the remaining Vedic texts originate/flow from one another is the order in which everything works in the Unmanifest world. Just studying the structure of the Vedic texts and seeing which text originated first and then which originated after that and so on…. Just this structure and order in which the Vedic texts originated in the manifest world would help me understand how Shiva-Krishna function in Unity in the Unmanifest world. All the mystery was solved by just studying the structure of the Vedas and not the entire Veda itself!!

So off I went looking for our beloved Maharishi’s writings and definitions on Vedas and Vedic texts. Below is what I found:

Further Enquiries into the Absolute - 4 Vedas

I found that while there are 4 Vedas, the Rik Veda is aloof and by its own self and is a complete Self-referral loop of “Rishi-devata-Chhandas” or “Krishna-Shakti-Shiva” aspects are completely united into one state. From this United state of Rishi-devata-chhandas the first to express Itself is the memory or the Rishi value or the Witness or Krishna just as in the structure of the four pure Vedas from the Rik expresses the Sama. Next the Yajur (Devata-Shakti) and next Atharva (Chhandas-Shiva).

I was told that from the Silent “Rishi-Devata-Chhandas” loop of Self-referral having the unified values of Krishna-Shakti-Shiva; Krishna emerges as memory/Sat/Rishi. Through His Shakti, He is able to Witness His Ownself (Shiva) completing the first Self-referral loop of the Witness witnessing His Ownself. This Self-referral loop is denoted in the emerging of the vibrations of Sama, Yajur and Atharva Vedas. This is the state in which His body is half of Krishna and half of Shiva with the Shakti being the dividing line that keeps the witnessed experience (Shiva) bound to the Witness (Krishna). This is what Krishna was trying to show me that He when He witnesses His Own Self through His Own Shakti half His body is Krishna and the other half Shiva- the two halves being bound by a single Shakti. At this point there is only one loop of Rishi-devata-chhandas.

Further Enquiries into the Absolute - Shiva Shakti Krishna

Beyond this point the Vedic Literature emerges always in two pairs of self-referral loop. The first set of two self-referral loops, as they emerge from the Sama, Yajur and Atharva Vedas are the six texts of “Veda Angas” as below:

Further Enquiries into the Absolute - Vedangas

Maharishi mentions that the Unmanifest remains Unmanifest because there each expression is accompanied with an equal and opposite expression that neutralises it at the very instant (simultaneously) and hence maintaining the zero state.

Look at the above diagram. The vibrations of Shikha have a tendency to “express” consciousness while this is simultaneously nullified by the vibrations of Nirukt that have the tendency to “dissolve the expression” ! They work in pairs. Consciousness “expresses” itself through the “transformative” vibrations to cause an expansion in Consciousness (AUM), but that is simultaneously “dissolved” through the “measuring quality” of Consciousness causing AUM to become a “vibration less” vibration and all that remains after that is “All Knowing” (Jyotish) !! Because all of this happens simultaneously the only result is Consciousness being “All-Knowing” ! So many steps happening and yet not happening because of the equal and opposite simultaneous vibrations that are in play here!

Krishna mentioned to me that He does these two opposite and simultaneous actions through His Shiva-Krishna Unity. From His body, divided half as Shiva and half as Krishna He causes Shakti to emerge. This Shakti (being One Shakti at this time for both Shiva and Krishna) collapses back into Shiva-Krishna causing two simultaneous loops to work as follows:

Further Enquiries into the Absolute - R-K-AUM Loop

So what is happening above? Two simultaneous loops are functioning. Krishna aspect “expressing” while the Shiva aspect simultaneously absorbing the expression and hence there being no expression despite the expression having been created ! The AUM is created at step 3 above and yet is like an unheard melody since it is simultaneously turned into just an “All Knowing” ! AUM is the Shiva value of the Krishna loop while “All Knowing” is the Krishna value of the Shiva loop. What did Shiva do? He absorbed all expressions into a simple “All Knowing” of Krishna ! So what is the result of all the steps above? Nothing moves, no vibration occurs and the Immovable One becomes “All Knowing” without changing Himself!

Now if we study the next two loops of the Vedic texts it gets even more interesting. Next appear the “Up-Angas” from the “Veda-Angas” – again six in number and structured as below:

Further Enquiries into the Absolute - Upangas

The next set of Vedic Literature also emerges in two self-referral loops from the previous set of texts. One loop trying to “express” and the other one trying to simultaneously “absorb”. The previous set of two loops ended with the emerging of the vibrations of Jyotish which is the “All Knowing” tendency of Consciousness. From the All-Knowing (Jyotish) emerge the vibrations of Nyaya. This text book has all the vibrations that “see” the coming and going back looping of Consciousness. Nyaya helps to see how Consciousness is expressing and also dissolving at the same time. This is the Rishi value of the self-referral loop of Rishi-devata-chhandas. From this emerges the devata value of Vaisheshik. Vaisheshik contains vibrations that have a specifying quality such that specific values can now be assigned to the points of Infinity. Once these Nyaya Vibrations that account for the quality that accounts for "seeing" going and coming at the same time - Distinguishing/Deciding Rishi value Vaisheshik Vibrations that account for "Specifying quality" - providing points as specific values of Infinity Devata value Sankhya Vibrations that account for "Enumerating quality"- Counting the point values Chhandas value Yoga Vibrations that account for "uniting" of "absorbing back" the point values into Infinity Rishi value Karma Mimamsa Vibrations that account for Analysis of action Devata value Vedanta Vibrations that account for Wholeness left to Itself; I-ness; Being Chhandas value that helps to count specific values.

However, while the first loop is trying to break Consciousness up into point values what is the second loop doing simultaneously? The Yoga vibrations emerge simultaneously as Nyaya and absorb all the point values created by Consciousness. Hence while the values are created, they are simultaneously absorbed so that despite being created they remain uncreated- there being only the potential to create those values or the causal forms of those values. Eventually the second loop absorbs it all back to the vibrations of Vedanta (Wholeness, I-ness, Being). Hence what remains is still just Absolute Being – Uncreated, Unmanifest.

Further Enquiries into the Absolute - Emergence of A-Ka-Tha Triangle

Let us analyse the above diagram. The above diagram is a continuation of the previous diagram that ended with the “Jyotish” or “All-Knowing” quality of Krishna. With the “All-Knowing” revived, Krishna can “see” clearly how He comes and goes simultaneously and hence remaining Unmanifest (Nyaya). Seeing this, He uses His Shakti to “express” specific values to points of Infinity creating the vibrations of the Sanskrit language along the lines of the A-Ka-Tha triangle (see the article on “The Absolute” for details on “A-Ka-Tha” triangle) automatically leading to Sankhya or enumerating quality of Consciousness. But while Krishna is busy creating what is Shiva simultaneously doing? He is simultaneously absorbing all created values back into the Vedanta which is Krishna Himself ! This simultaneous absorption of creation leads to the Unmanifest still remaining Unmanifest while generating causal potential for all the gunas and the tattavas that flow from It! Remaining Unmanifest at all times, He creates these causal potencies.

There is nothing manifest at this time as the expressions of Krishna are absorbed back simultaneously into Krishna by Shiva. There is only Vedanta – the Absolute Being, Brahm with all the potential to create, the All-Knowing and yet a zero state of existence! This is how “Uncreated” Himself, Krishna creates. This is how remaining “Unchanged” Himself He causes change to occur.

Beyond this point manifestation occurs in the form of creation of Brahmanda (Universe) as Krishna “seeing” His own coming and going back due to the balance created by Shiva, disturbs this balance in order to facilitate manifestation. The Vedic texts mention that “Lord Vishnu (an expansion of Krishna) glances over Shakti (Durga) to impregnate Her with the jivas for whom the Universe is to be created.” What this means is that the Shakti (devata value) until this point is working in balance along with Shiva and Krishna to simultaneously create and absorb and hence maintaining the Unmanifest nature – or the state of Absolute Balance. It takes a vibration from Lord Vishnu issued at Shakti to disturb this Absolute Balance to enable manifestation to occur for the benefit of the jivas and an entire Universe is created using the causal potencies developed thus far.

How many causal potencies are there thus far? Rik, Sama, Yajur, Atarva, Shiksha, Kalpa, Vyakaran, Nirukt, Chhand, Jyotish, Nyaya, Vaisheshik, Sankhya, Yoga, Karma Mimamsa, Vedanta. Sixteen causal potencies exist in the Unmanifest. These sixteen causal potencies unfold themselves beautifully in the manifest world. Sixteen causal potencies. Those who may have read Srimad Bhagvatam would know that sixteen are the vibrations or potencies of Krishna.

Sixteen is a representation of wholeness, completeness, Absolute. This completeness of the number sixteen is also depicted in the lunar cycle.

The lunar month characterises the creative pulsation of the Universe. The lunar cycle presents the cycles of creation and absorption in a rhythmic way. “Shuklapaksha” is the expanding moon representing the creative impulse. “Krishnapaksha” is the shrinking moon representing the absorption impulse. Each of these fortnights contain within them fifteen “tithis” (roughly translated as days). However, there is one extra “tithi”/digit – this is the sixteenth tithi or digit which is Unmanifest. This Sixteenth “tithi” or digit or ray or kala contains within it the power of immortality that propels the new cycle of the “Shuklapaksha”. The Sixteenth part of the moon is also called “Soma” or “Nectar”. “Soma” is made up of “Sa” meaning “with” and “Uma” which is the name of the Divine Mother. Hence when that Purusha is united with the Mother Divine in the Sixteenth digit of the moon, “Soma” is generated as the nectar that supports all life!

The Sixteenth digit of the moon is also called the “Amrit Kala” or the digit of immortality which sustains all the other fifteen kalas/digits of the moon.

Chandogaya Upanishad mentions that “Purusha” has Sixteen parts of which the Sixteenth part is immortal. At the level of the jiva, the sixteen parts of the Brahman translate into:

  • 5 breaths (pranas)
  • 5 organs of action
  • 5 organs of sensation
  • 1 mind.

Now one can understand what Krishna means when He declares in Rik Veda, “Curving back upon myself – I create again and again”.

In Bhagavad Gita, chapter VII, verse 24, Krishna declares:

“The unwise, not knowing My transcendent nature,
Changeless and Supreme, regard Me, the Unmanifest,
As come into manifestation.”

All creation follows from Krishna even though He Himself is forever Uncreated and Unmanifest. Shiva is the aspect of Krishna that is simultaneously absorbing everything back into Krishna maintaining the Absolute nature. Alternatively, Krishna is that aspect of Shiva that creates and expresses everything out of Shiva. Krishna and Shiva are inseparable working forever simultaneously as a pair.

I finally understood why I felt the same loving, irresistible attraction for Shiva that I felt for Krishna. True and absolute lovers of Krishna will never be able to resist Shiva and vice versa as both are two sides of the same coin ! To explain this point to me, Shiva and Krishna came before me and so beautifully united into a single entity – half body of Shiva and half of Krishna- a most glorious and exalted vision!

“Worship me like this, Radha”, He had said to me.

Further Enquiries into the Absolute - Shiva Krishna


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Shivanand Howard, Fairfield, IA , March 2, 2016 at 4:37 AM
Om Hari Hara!

I love your description of Shiva being inverted Krishna and Krishna being inverted Shiva. I have been conflicted on which of those two forms to worship. I had two versions of them conflicted in my mind. The first, is Shiva being impersonal, formless, silent, Pure Being and Krishna as his moving expressed form. Krishna is silence moving within itself and Shiva is stilled dynamism. The second, Shiva has an active form that speaks and dances called 'Rudra' as Visvamitra pointed out in one of his articles. He seems to have his own personality which differs from Krishna. In another article he says that Krishna is the active form of Shiva. Are Rudra and Krishna the same deity and concept? Why is it easier to please Shiva than it is Krishna?
"It is easier to please Siva than Hari. A little Prem and devotion, a little chanting of His Panchakshari, is quite sufficient to infuse delight in Siva. He gives boons to His devotees quite readily." - Visvamitra

But either way, I saw the Lord appear to me in meditation with the skin color of a blue/white continuum, a gradient from blue to white. I wish there was a form of Krishna/Shiva that I could print out online somewhere...

What bothered me was that I wanted to dedicate myself to one form. My Jyotish chart said that my liberating deity in this life would be Krishna. My SatGuru named me Shivanand "Bliss of Shiva" so my mind naturally thought she wanted worship Shiva even though she gave me the Krishna mantra I desired. There was natural confusion.

Thank you for your insights Radha
I look forward to attending MahaVideha University.



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