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Divinity Based Education


Krishna Divine SmallAll of life is based on God (Krishna), and that is an inescapable fact of existence, whether one recognizes it or not. From Quantum Physics, we know that what we take for a solid physical reality is in fact not that at all. Instead we exist in a 3-D holographic projection from the Mind of the Creator. So if we are to learn anything that is based on Truth and hence is Truth, we must base our education on the Divine. Study of the Divine and all of the aspects of the Creator's creation is fundamental to a valid education. Once we know Krishna and Realize Krishna, then if we are still interested in some mundane information, we are well prepared to learn it.

The fundamental question is who is God? Secondary to that, what is God Realization?

If we accept Krishna as God, nothing is higher than Krishna as the most Supreme value of God, it is from Krishna that everything comes, then God Realization is the experience that Krishna is not only Real but here now as one's eternal companion.

Consider the model that maya is a 3-D holographic projection of the coherent laser light of the Consciousness of God, through the Field of All Possibilities (the Gap) - here we have the components of a hologram:

Now we replace the components with our understanding that Krishna is the Consciousness of God, and acting through various agencies, produces what we perceive as our universe. From this we see there can be nothing higher than Realizing God - the experience that God is Real, not the understanding that God is Real.

We can call God "Brahman" but is that personal? If God is personal, then Krishna is exactly that. If God is impersonal, then Brahman is the "impersonal" aspect of God. But what would Brahman Realization even mean? Is it the experience that Brahman is Real and also is one's eternal companion? Can something impersonal like Brahman be a companion? (Note that Brahman and Lord Brahma are not the same)

If we take the position that only Krishna is real and everything else is a projection or maya, then to Realize God means to know that which is Real.

We want to align with those who have the thinking that is common in Satyug where spirituality is 100%, when God literally walks among us, i.e., everyone has God Realization. Today in Kaliyug with spirituality at 0%, almost no one has the experience of God Realization.

We see Satyug as the coming age and the ideal for society and individual life. We are inspired by Maharishi's poem about God - from this poem he seems to have the perspective of one who has realized God. Therefore, we insist that God is Real, and has a name - Krishna.

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