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Successfully Navigating the Pralaya


Shiva PralayaThe pralaya is the transition between yugas or ages, during which there occurs a balancing of world collective karma. It is slowly becoming evident to the people that more and more "things" are happening in the world that are not supportive of human life. As we progress through phase 1 of the pralaya, it is important to realize that this pralaya will not be an orderly stream of natural disasters. Some of the destructive events are natural disasters, and some are man made disasters. The global elite are agents of this pralaya and their stated objective is to weaken the human population with the ultimate goal of total destruction of human life on this Earth plane. They foster policies and programs that:

  1. destroy the family, put women to work, take children from their parents, create divisions and competition between men and women, foster divorce, encourage and normalize homosexuality as a eugenics program, encourage abortion as a eugenics program, sexualize the children, normalize and encourage pedophilia
  2. destroy education so that as a race we create weak-minded people who do not know how to live, teach race-based division to further weaken the people, stifle creativity and encourage conformity, encourage deadly attacks by making schools and other locations into "disarmament zones", teach political correctness as the solution to all problems, introduce technology to weaken the mind and cause dependence (use of computers, smart phones, ipads, etc. in the classroom)
  3. destroy health of the population by putting poisons in the food and water (estrogen mimickers, fluoride, bromine, etc.), introduce genetically modified foods that cause cancer and infertility, restrict access to supplements and health practices, encourage over-eating by drugging popular foods (made popular by psychological programming they call advertising and marketing)
  4. destroy social systems by encouraging and supporting corruption in government and business at all levels, install corrupt leaders at all levels, promote war and violence with a never-ending "war on terrorism", control the people with political correctness under the guise of not harming anyone, dumb down the language to restrict communication, foster and support a population whose agenda is to kill and destroy and inject this population into peaceful societies

To any thinking person the situation is obvious. The magic show we call daily life in modern society is becoming so obviously slanted toward destruction that it is allowing us to see beyond the magic and find the puppet-masters.

2016 Annual Cover of The Economist

The solution is also becoming more and more obvious: we need to come together in larger and larger groups of like-minded individuals and work together to restore humanity on an evolutionary and progressive path. We must resist fragmentation and avoid all of the agendas of destruction. This is how we successfully navigate the pralaya and the core of humanity will survive the pralaya and thrive during this time and on into the 10,000 year Krishna Golden Age.

We can no longer trust any of the so-called "main stream media" which is almost universally controlled by the global elite and is just a propaganda machine for their agenda to dominate and destroy humanity. Fortunately we still have the Internet for a limited time where we can find the truth about our situation today. One website with good, reliable information is Its founder, Alex Jones, has been studying and reporting on the global elite and their New World Order for over 20 years. He is very well read on the global elite and their orchestrated historical political events. Many would consider him an expert on the history and current condition of humanity and our future. At the time of this video (June 11, 2016), Alex did not have our perspective of the pralaya and the Krishna Golden Age, but we recently sent him and his staff copies of our book Returning to Goloka. Alex's perspective is clearly in line with what we believe is coming for the human race.

World Extinction Level Event Coming!

What will this world extinction level event be? It could be a final world war, or a global pandemic, or the asteroid impacts delivered by Ketu, or the scorching of the Samvatarka Fire of Surya. All are possible in the great collective karma balancing that is coming for humanity. The inevitable question is, when will the main events of the Extinction Level Event begin? In our book Returning to Goloka we present a simple formula that gave the year 2015 a 70% chance of being the year that we enter phase 2 of the pralaya. Quickly after phase 2 will come phase 3. This is when catastrophic events become commonplace. There will be a short period of time when people realize that something is seriously wrong and they start taking action to prepare for more of the worst. They start closing businesses and moving into secure locations. Governments and global elite will relocate to secure locations and go into their underground cities.

When we reach phase 3 it will be too late to create a community to survive the extinction level event. Because in that year, it will be common knowledge that an extinction level event is upon us. Then the competition for building materials, land and workers would be too great to begin to build a community.  2016 has a 75% chance, 2017 has an 80% chance of being the year and so on. We hope to begin construction on the first community in 2017 and believe 2019 will be the too late year.

Should I apologize for "fear mongering?" If you notice that your neighbor's house is on fire, at 2am, would it be "fear mongering" to bang on the door and try to wake up the sleeping family? What is happening today is deadly serious. We are in the first phase of the pralaya and we have to wake up and leave this burning house now. There is one solution that is sure to save the human race from extinction: Goloka Sanctuary Communities.  Perhaps you will survive on your own, maybe in a cave somewhere. But why leave the survival of your family and loved ones to the chance that you and they may not have the karma to be included in the great collective karma balancing? Why risk experiencing the pain and suffering that will surely come as we progress through the pralaya?  There is danger during the entire pralaya of being caught in this collective karma balancing. Now is the time to leave the burning house and join a sattwic, spiritual community so you will be among the first generation of the Krishna Golden Age. Begin planning this life-changing transition now.

  1. The first step is to apply to join a Goloka Sanctuary Community. Complete the application on this page to make sure you have a home in a Goloka Sanctuary Community.
  2. Then see what you can do to help with the development of communities around the world by visiting the Goloka Project website.
  3. We are nearing the end of our campaign to finance the wrting of a full-length feature motion picture about this greatest challenge for the human race. We need your support. This movie will reach millions.  If you act now, you can secure a Maha Yajña Vitara as the perk for contributing $597 to support the movie campaign. There is a very simple solution for protection during the pralaya. Everyone really must have a MahaYajña Vitara now.

The MahaYajña Vitara is a physical device to convert physical sound vibrations into devas for the purpose of creating the effect of yajñasYajña is a performance to create a strong link between the individual in physical life and an aspect of the individual in the celestial realm for the purpose of living in greater accord with the Universe. Yajñas are highly scientific and precise multi-dimensional esoteric techniques to invoke and direct the transcendental cosmic energy into concrete, tangible and constructive fruits. Every individual that is in physical form is attached to a package of karma that defines the life experience. When this package of karma is balanced, then one can live in perfect harmony with the Universe.

The image below illustrates how the karma is shielded and wealth flows into the life with the MahaYajña Vitara. In the center of the picture is the Jyotish Yantra of a person, and all around are the Yantras of the Grahas with karma flowing toward the person. A shield forms that stops the karma from entering the person's life. Lakshmi, through the agency of Kubera, sends financial resources (symbolized by Lakshmi Goloka Coins) into the life. The Atma-Narayana Kavach surrounds the individual to protect from all asuric influences and The Dhanvantri is invoked for the development of a nearly immortal Satyug physiology.

MahaYajña Vitara

The time to act is now.

If you were to perform all twelve of the Graha Yajñas, personally, plus the Kavach, plus the Lakshmi-Kubera Yajña, plus the Dhanvantri Yajña, it would take you over 5 years at the pace of one yajña at a time, one round per day (30 minutes) - about 1,000 hours of effort. With the help of the MahaYajña Vitara, you only spend about 5 hours performing the inital round of all the yajñas, and then the MahaYajña Vitara takes over from there to propagate your yajñas into the Celestial realms. You will receive the same benefit and spend less than 1% of the time.

Everyone who desires to be part of the first generation of the new Krishna Golden Age should have a MahaYajña Vitara. Parents, you should prepare a MahaYajña Vitara for each child. Help your family members prepare a MahaYajña Vitara as well.

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